Our philosophy

Hand Built in YEG

Local craftsmanship from start to finish! We build all components used in our products - drawers, doors, box frames, trim, spacers and more - because we think it is important that the wood that goes into a project be as consistent as possible. This makes for consistent finishing and a final product that closely matches all other units in the project. Small shop - local craftsmanship - individual service - attention to detail. These business ideals are hallmarks of MJC Woodcraft.

3 Cabinet Styles

Face frame, Inset frame and Frameless — why just three styles? Well, after 20+ years of cabinetmaking, we have seen many renovation projects — and the primary lesson learned from these demolitions is that classic style never goes out of style.  We have seen it all from all kinds of manufacturers — and we have formed certain opinions about what works well — and what passes in the rest of the cabinet making industry. We choose to build classic products that will last a lifetime and at a price that is competitive.

5 Door Styles

We focus on five door styles that work well, are classic designs and produce a consistent beauty from the cabinet-grade woods that are readily available in the Edmonton market. By manufacturing our doors in-house, we can get higher consistent finishes and do not have to wait for the doors to come from a third-party supplier — like most of our competitors do.

Classic woods + classic styles = cabinet doors that will stand the test of time.