MJC Woodcraft

A custom cabinetry workshop

MJC Woodcraft is a custom cabinetry workshop serving metro-Edmonton and North/Central Alberta areas. We specialize in custom kitchens, vanities, entertainment units and custom furniture.


MJC Woodcraft is different from the majority of local cabinetry companies — we choose to manufacture almost all of our components. Why is this? Anyone can build the boxes but not everyone can make doors or solid wood drawers. We have the knowledge and experience. We do prefer to use prefinshed birch plywood for our cabinets. This is mainly because its lighter weight and therefore easier to install.


The other "different" thing we do at MJC Woodcraft is our finishes. We choose to use water-based stain and lacquer. These products are low VOC (volatile organic compound), and release very little smell when spraying and curing. This is an ideal product for people with allergies, are scent-sensitive or those that don't want to expose their children to the petroleum smell of oil-based products. For us, the benefits are no airborne petroleum exposure in our spray booth, a product that cleans up well without solvents and has a high-quality and durable finish that will last for years.


If you have read this far you are probably thinking this guy is expensive. To be honest we are not the cheapest. We like to think we are providing a better quality product and service for a little bit more money.


At MJC Woodcraft, we enjoy our cabinetry specialization work, but we also have experience building custom furniture, re-modeling existing cabinetry and getting your storage areas, book shelves and closets organized with completely custom, real-wood organizers. 


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